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What Kind of Rug Is the Best To Pair With A Console For Entryway?

We all know a console if the central piece of an entryway, that is why it is very important to choose one that goes with the rest of the design perfectly. A console for entryway can be easily paired with a contemporary rug that will enhance the beauty of your hallway. We have compiled the best interior design inspirations for your entryway makeover project.

Console For Entryway Paired With A Contemporary Rug

An entryway rug is an essential component of the home. It welcomes you home and offers an inviting aura to your visitors that walk through the door. Rug’Society has dashing rugs that fit perfectly in an entryway and pair nicely with a console for entryway.

Contemporary console for entryway with vibrant urban rug with yellow hues

Let the components of your entryway convey a narrative. The DISRUPTION RUG with its vibrant yellow and graffiti design adds a contemporary touch to this more modern interior. The COLOSSEUM console table was inspired by the commanding presence of the Italian Colosseum. It is a gorgeous marbled piece that contrasts with the contemporary rug and creates a balanced decor.


rug society products in stock exclusive rugs ready to be shipped. console for entryway
console for entryway with golden accents and black and white rug.

For a classy decor the INFINITY CONSOLE for entryway is an excellent choice. It pairs really well with the black and white version of the VALENCIA RUG. The Infinity Console looks fantastic in either modern or traditional entry halls and is a terrific complement to any hallway design. This interior has magnificent items handcrafted which showcases a certain opulence.

modern contemporary area rug in black and white with yellow hues. console for entryway


Modern contemporary entryway hallway with console for entryway
and black and white rug

The BRYCE II is a fabulous console for entryway with its distinguished faux-marbled painting covered by high gloss black lacquer and glossy gold leaf. The INKAHOLIC RUG adds a charming aura with its chaotic design with a pop of color.

What Rug Pairs Nicely With A Console For Entryway?

Golden console for entryway with runner rug inspired by nature and insects

For a luxurious interior design, the ADARA is the perfect fit as a console for entryway. It features a gold leaf finish with a gloss varnish and will provide a distinctive touch to any interior style. The GOLDEN BUGS II RUG has soft neutral tones that combine really well with the console and NAICCA suspension lights.

Rug'Society Catalogue 2022: console for entryway
Opulent console for entryway with couple rug, a romantic designed rug

This is such an exquisite entryway decor with the COUPLE RUG paired with the LAPIAZ console and golden round mirror. This interior design showcases exceptional craftmanship, especially when you look closely. The rug has amazing details displayed through its texture and the Lapiaz’s mirrored façade and hammered gold embellishments transmit both dynamism and elegance.

Couple Rug, a black and white rug with a touch of gold about 2 birds. console for entryway


console for entryway with soft neutral rug.

For a minimalist yet elegant entryway decor, you can choose neutral tones with a marbled console such as the LIBERICA CONSOLE. This console design’s rough and severe lines contrast beautifully with the fluidity and feminine touch of the mirror and neutral area rug. The white of the rug matches with the top of the console to create a coherent ambient.


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