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6 Ideas For Bathroom Design With Dashing Rugs

Here are 6 ideas for bathroom design to refresh this private space. It is time to declutter the bathroom and let only the most important aspects shine. In this article we will showcase 6 ideas that we love and believe will transform this room. Whether you’re looking for a simple design modification or a complete makeover, keep reading.

The Best Ideas For Bathroom Design With Contemporary Rugs

If you’re wondering how to design a bathroom, you should consider it more than just a practical place. It is a place where you come to relax and enjoy some personal “me time”. We have compiled the best ideas for bathroom design to help you to create a dashing and luxurious bathroom decor.

Modern contemporary bathroom decor with black and white decor and some golden elements for a luxury feeling.  6 Ideas For Bathroom Design With Dashing Rugs

What has been trending this year when it comes to bathroom design is luxury fixtures. The KOI bathtub is the center of attention and pairs nicely with the golden accessories spread around the room. The BLACK INK RUG has an original design that displays artistry.


new iconic contemporary rugs with vibrant colors and designs.  6 Ideas For Bathroom Design With Dashing Rugs
Modern contemporary bathroom decor in black and white with a golden accessories.  6 Ideas For Bathroom Design With Dashing Rugs


White and black ideas for bathroom design are relatively a simple type of decor to set up. The black and white version of the VALENCIA RUG is elegant. The golden lighting adds an air of opulence.

luxurious modern contemporary bathroom decor design with geometric midcentury rug and marble suspension cabinet.  6 Ideas For Bathroom Design With Dashing Rugs

Marble might be used to make a more subtle impression in a bathroom decor. The NAZCA SUSPENSION CABINET will complement any bathroom’s interior decor with deeper earth tones. The ANTELOPE geometric rug adds a mid-century vibe to this otherwise contemporary design. This is one of those original ideas for a bathroom design.

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Ideas For Bathroom Design

Modern bathroom decor with a rug with a circular design.  6 Ideas For Bathroom Design With Dashing Rugs


Here some luxurious ideas for bathroom design projects. The YARSA RUG has a gorgeous design with circular shapes in different neutral hues with a pinch of black that marry nicely with the Suspension Cabinet’s matte walnut root veneer. It gracefully steals the show in this modern luxury bathroom interior design.

Modern contemporary bathroom design with black and white contemporary rug with a pop of yellow and red and golden bathtub. 6 Ideas For Bathroom Design With Dashing Rugs

The mirrors are everything in a bathroom! They add refinement and elegance especially if paired with a gorgeous bathtub. The SPIRIT RUG is an unconventional rug for a bathroom yet it adds a one-of-a-kind charm.

Luxurious bathroom decor with beige carpet and golden mirror and golden ornaments. 6 Ideas For Bathroom Design With Dashing Rugs


To finish off this list of ideas for bathroom design, we have an opulent-looking decor with golden ornaments and the WHITE GARDEN RUG. The Baraka Single Suspension Cabinet, which is inserted into an appealing wall surface, merges ancient and contemporary in its dark style accented by golden embellishments.


rug society products in stock exclusive rugs ready to be shipped. 6 Ideas For Bathroom Design With Dashing Rugs

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modern contemporary living room decor with an urban rug in black and white with a iconic design
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