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Rug Society Virtual Tour 2022

Unique Rugs Featured In Home’Society Virtual Showroom

Discover unique rugs featured in this new virtual showroom by Home’Society. Get ready to find the greatest luxury carpets that will charm you. This Virtual Showroom was inspired by London’s most well-known neighborhoods, reflecting the city’s lively energy. The ultimate objective is to immerse each visitor in a modern and luxurious design by providing them with a virtual experience they’ve never experienced before from the comfort of their own home or business. Let’s get started!

Unique Rugs With Artistic Designs In Home’Society Virtual Showroom

The showroom at Home’Society is an interactive virtual tour that allows clients to engage with the most recent BRABBU, Maison Valentina, and Rug’Society goods as they visit the house. Swiping to the right reveals a reproduction of a house, complete with a bedroom, a dining and living room, a closet, a bedroom, and a bar zone. We will primarily focus on the areas of the home where carpets are used to highlight their creativity and how they might complement your future design project. Come along to discover these unique rugs!

Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom

This living room serves as the focal point of the Home’Society Virtual Showroom. The Vibrant SNAKE 8 RUG catches our attention as soon as we enter. This rug by Rug’Society is a startling artwork disguised as a floor covering solution. To add to the opulence of the room, we have the golden NAICCA CHANDELIER made of brass. The two ZULU Armchairs provide a practical character to the space and the two beige sofas create a nice and cozy atmosphere.

Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom

Rug’Society features carpets with one-of-a-kind, unusual, and beautiful designs, and customers may spend their time learning about the history of each rug. The OCLI RUG has a gorgeous design that fits well in a modern contemporary design.

Stock BRABBU - Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom


Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom

The circular METAMORPHOSIS RUG is one of Rug’Society’s most stylish neutral premium carpets. The neutral tones of the carpet wonderfully compliment the furnishings in this dining area. This modern contemporary dining room has the ideal blend of materials to create a functional yet fashionable room design.

Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom

As you wander about the house, you come upon unique rug designs. The APOLLO RUG is decorating this closet with gracefulness. This a wonderful design adds some personality to this area. The sight of these luxurious rugs can only impress.

Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom

This living area is brought to life by the brilliant green MOÖS RUG. The rug is the focal point of this space with its bold colors that bring nature inside. The two ESSEX Armchairs provide an intimate core to the room with a smooth velvet touch, excellent for a living room design that seeks to defy conventional standards.

Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom

The REDLEH runner rug styles this walk-in closet beautifully with its golden and silver tones blended in a shimmering dragon design, the REDLEH is one of the most luxurious rugs available. According to Chinese mythology, the dragon was one of four sacred creatures summoned by the creator God to be a part of the formation of the cosmos. This rug is a tribute to that.

Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom

The Most Unique Rugs As Works Of Art

Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom

There is one room in the house where color comes to life! The Rug’Society’s collection is a sight to behold, filled with amazing and one-of-a-kind luxury carpets that will wow you. Rugs are shown in this area as if they were paintings, as pieces of art that tell a narrative and demand our whole attention. From the exquisite and vibrant VALENCIA RUG on the right to the geometric ISAAC RUG and the black and white PALM RUG on the floor, each of these rugs has a distinct personality that will add charm to any house. These are incredible unique rugs that will for sure be a statement piece in one of your projects.

Unique Rugs Featured In Home'Society Virtual Showroom

Each rug has its own personality: the IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG, bottom left, exudes elegance and grace. This amazing rug is inspired by the power of snakes and is made of botanical silk in cream colours. The GRAFFINESQUE RUG on the left has a more rebellious, street art-inspired atmosphere. The SAVANA RUG, a stunning biophilic pattern that reminds us of nature, is at the end of the hall.





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