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Rug Society Virtual Tour 2022

High-End Luxury Rugs For The Living Room

Luxury rugs are very distinctive from basic rugs due to a variety of factors such as their materials, production methods, and designs. The quality of the materials used to make luxury carpets has a big impact on how the carpet looks and how elegantly it can decorate a room. Rug’Society focuses on producing the best contemporary rugs handmade with the best natural wool and botanical silk.

Luxury Rugs For A Dashing Living Room

It can make all the difference, adding a touch of genuine class to an already prestigious design, as luxury carpets make the areas they decorate comfortable and create a warm and inviting ambiance. Rug’Society chooses to use strong and long-lasting yarns and silk to create the finest rugs in order for them to last a long while and keep their marvelous appearance for an extended period of time.

Luxury Rugs For The Living Room with beige area rug and armchair

A luxury item should be adored every day; it should be something you acquire and enjoy on a regular basis. Which better way to use it than the living room? This space is used daily by the whole family. Luxury rugs have excellent resilience and are exceptionally everlasting due to their high-end materials and making techniques. The AIR RUG is a lovely piece in this living room that brightens the room with its light beige colors and protects the floor from furniture scratches.

Rug'Society virtual tour of iSaloni stand 2022.


Luxury Rugs For The Living Room with gray area rug and curved sofa.


Luxury rugs not only add an elegant charm to a living room but they also create a cozy and safe environment thanks to their soft texture and high-quality materials. The RUIN RUG is a gorgeous area rug that has lovely little details that enhance the beauty of this room while creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests and keeping your feet protected from the cold floor.

A Modern Contemporary Living Room Rug with Ruin Rug. Luxury Rugs For The Living Room
Luxury Rugs For The Living Room. A modern contemporary living room with wide beige area rug and sofas

The WHITE GARDEN RUG is an enchanting piece with soft beige tones that add a charming and graceful feeling to this modern living room. One of the features that make Luxury rugs stand out is of course the manufacturing processes employed to create them. Some premium rugs with modern designs are created using the more modern process of hand tufting which is the case with this rug. The WHITE GARDEN RUG has the ability to have varied densities in its design, creating almost a three-dimensional effect.

Luxury Rugs For The Living Room with modern contemporary area rug and red armchair and standing lamp

The FELINE RUG has the ability to transform your living room into a dazzling space that combines modernity with nature. Luxury rugs by Rug’Society are created by designers that wish to convey a vision of a message through their work. Those ideas are then brought to life by skilled Portuguese craftsmen that use premium materials.

FELINE RUG with black and white stripes and a pop of coloor. Luxury Rugs For The Living Room


The Best Luxury Rugs To Use In The Living Room

Luxury Rugs For The Living Room with midcentury geometric simba rug with gray and orange colors.

Rug’Society takes into account every aspect of a rug whether it is design, texture, fiber, and color to fit the client’s needs. They even have a Design Service that can customize a rug to offer the best-personalized item for your interior project. The SIMBA RUG is a beautiful mid-century rug with a geometric design that highlights the rest of the furniture.

Luxury Rugs For The Living Room with round white rug  with a fuzzy texture.

In our minds, luxury rugs are also plush, soft, with a deep silky pile. The OSLO RUG is a fuzzy round rug with long threads that adds warmth anywhere it is used. It is an alluring rug that shines for its simplicity. It is an item that matches any style of furniture.

Luxury Rugs For The Living Room with urban rug design and modern center table

Luxury rugs are not meant to be simply decorative but also to embody a message and convey an idea or vision. Rug’Society sees their rugs as artworks that add personality to a room and create an aesthetic interior design. The GRAFF RUG was inspired by Street art which symbolizes rebellion and is used to communicate ideas, thoughts and create discussions.

modern urban design rug. Luxury Rugs For The Living Room



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