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Rugs Society Premier Hospitality Furniture

How To Pick The Perfect Floor Carpet Design For Your Living Room

Embellish your living room interior with a fabulous Carpet Design created by one of the best rug designers. Rug’Society is a Portuguese company that takes pride in creating the most unique and artistic rug designs to decorate your floors and walls. Transform your living room into a work of art with a fantastic piece.


Rug'Society Catalogue 2022: How To Pick The Perfect Floor Carpet Design For Your Living Room

The Best Rugs with an Amazing Carpet Design For Your Living Room

The best rugs can transform a living room into a stunning and impressive ambient. Amaze your guests with a dazzling home interior thanks to a marvelous carpet design. Abstract rugs can bring some personality to the room, make it more elegant as well as cozy. Check our selection of the finest luxury rugs to create fabulous interior projects.


A Stunning Carpet Design For The Living Room

classy living room with the imperial Snake Rug, white armchairs and sofas, golden chandelier and gold mirror.

A elegant living room with a beautiful carpet design with a Snake. The Imperial Snake Rug is a classy and sophisticated rug that will decorate your floors and turn them into a magnificent piece of art.


The imperial snake rug
modern black and white living room with Vase Rug and White sofa, black center table and golden chandelier

This is another stylish living room with the glorious Vase Rug. This illustrious rug as a optical illusion for carpet design. Depending on the angle you are looking at it, it can be two lovers about to kiss or a simple black vase.

contemporary living room with Kleopatra rug, two center tables and a white sofa

The Kleopatra rug has a exquisite carpet design in circular shapes and with tones of blue and beige. This rug pairs adequately with the blue mid-century chairs and white sofa. The round center tables bring a modern style to this room.

The oscar rug decorates this mid-century living room with a gray sofa and center table

Decorate your floors with a art work inspired by the Artisitc movement Cubism. The Oscar rug has a carpet design inspired by artists such as Picasso. The aim of such artistic pieces is to transform your living room into a dazzling space.

The Air rug has a three-dimensional pattern that create a interesting design. This modern rug fits perfectly in a minimalist and modern interior. The gray colors create a peaceful and relaxing ambient.


The air rug


elegant and chic living room interior with ocli rug and neutral-colored sofa. The black haning lamps create a cool look

A neutral living room with a soft patterned rug and a cozy couch. The Ocli rug has a simple yet elegant design. This home interior is perfect for a minimalist enthusiast.

Cozy living room with umlaza rug, essex armchair and black center table

A stunning living room with the Umlaza Rug in beige that pairs smoothly with the Essex Armchair and black center table. The Fireplace adds a sense of warmth into the room.

Living room with couple rug and center round table with bourbon sofa

A luxurious living space with the fantastic couple rug that stands out for its carpet design. The round center table with the golden details matches the rug pattern. The Bourbon sofa comes to complete this effortless look.

The fabulous cell rug in a contemporary living room with white round sofas and gray armchair

A contemporary living room with the amazing carpet design of the Cell Rug. The neutral colors of the room create a lack of any particular sensation. Although it is a good interior if you don’t want to stand out but predominantly has a calming room.

contemporary living room with origami rug and hera armchair

This living room has an original carpet design inspired by geometric shapes. The Origami Rug matches nicely with the odd shape of the armchairs. This living room has original pieces of furniture that create a great ambient.

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Find The Perfect Carpet Design

contemporary living room with gray tones and a rug

A gray living room with an area rug. The couch’s deep color creates a nice contrast with the lighter rug. The pillows bring a pop of color and make the room less boring.

minimalist living room with area rug and white sofa

Elegant living room with a large white rug in a modern contemporary living room. The white couch has a cool design that pairs greatly with the mid-century armchairs.

Elegant living room with round rug, a fireplace, plump amrchair and brown sofa and black center table

Modern and classy living room with a round rug and white armchairs. This room is overwhelmed with circular shapes. The black and gold center table stands out for its darker colors compared with the lighter furnishing of this living room.

modern living room with cozy and fluffy white rug and soda

A minimalist living room with a fuzzy and warm living room rug. This living room has a rustic vibe that matches with the modern sofa and center table. The contemporary armchairs bring color and personality to this room.

Modern contemporary living room with vibrant colors. Blue is a color that brings serenity and a sense of cleanliness. This is a beautiful color to create a stunning interior. The black and white area rug comes to complete the look and give some depth.

contemporary living room with area rug and two center tables and 2 sofas.

A gorgeous living room in gray tones with a fabulous area rug. This contemporary mid-century living room has most of its furniture with round and circular shapes. It is a perfect neutral living room with peaceful surroundings.

all-neutral living room with area beige rug, a center table, piano and white sofa

A chic living room with a wide large area rug in neutral tones with a white sofa, center table and piano. This room is the definition of effortless elegance.

White living room with a large white area rug, white sofa, gray armchair and center table in marble. There is gold hanging lights

A peaceful living room in tones of white with a gray armchair and large area rug. The hanging lights are stunning and match with the round center tables. This is a cozy and stylish living space.

How To Pick The Perfect Floor Carpet Design For Your Living Room

A small yet sumptuous living room with a black and white rug and mustard couch. This is a delightful interior even if it is a minimalistic styled room.

How To Pick The Perfect Floor Carpet Design For Your Living Room

A lovely living room with a warm white rug matching with the white sofa. The center table has a great innovative design that makes this room so much more elegant and stunning.


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20 Exclusive Contemporary Designer Rugs  For The Living Room
living room with feline rug and supernova lights, gray sofa and gold center table

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