20 Exclusive Contemporary Designer Rugs For The Living Room 20 Exclusive Contemporary Designer Rugs For The Living Room


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20 Exclusive Contemporary Designer Rugs For The Living Room

Designer Rugs are an essential luxury item for a stylish interior. It is a functional and decorative piece that will elevate your living room to a prestigious and elegant space. Rug’Society takes pride in creating the most unique and dazzling modern contemporary rugs and transforming carpets into pieces of art using traditional craftsmanship.



Exclusive Handmade Designer Rugs

Cover the floors of your living room interior with premium designer rugs made with the best quality and materials. These handmade luxury rugs have the best styles and designs, created by our best experts, they will for sure make your living room stand out.

Living Room Unique Contemporary Designer Rugs

Contemporary living room with Inkaholic rug in neutral colors with brown velvet sofa

The Inkaholic rug is one of the best designer rugs from Rug’Society with its original unique design inspired by street art graffiti. These warm tones create a delightful ambiance. The mid-century sofa paired with the modern rug creates a stunning living room.

contemporary mid-century living room with Oscar Rug, round center table in marble and gold with gray mid-century sofa

Mid-century designer rugs such as the Oscar Rug stand out for their artistic design inspired by art movements such as cubism. This rug will transform your floors into a canvas and your living room into an art gallery.


oscar rug from Rug'Society, neutral tones rug with stripes and round shapes
Modern living room corner with the fabulous Yarsa rug with sitting chair in black and gold and standing light

The Yarsa rug is an elegant modern rug that will enhance any living room. Its neutral tones mixed with black create a timeless look, perfect for a simple and chic ambient.

Classic living room with Imperial Snake Rug, velvet dark purple armchairs and golden side table

Classy living room with the Imperial Snake Rug and dark purple armchairs with golden side table. Neutral colored designer rugs are great to fit into any ambient and yet they stand out for their stunning designs such as here the dragon pattern.


mid-century living room with Prisma 1 rug and white sofa, center table and golden wall lights paired with round golden mirror

Mid-century designer rugs are great to bring a pop of color to the living room since rugs inspired by that era are made with vibrant and bold colors that easily pop out. Here the Prisma I Rug is the focal point of this living room thanks to its unique pattern and colors.


Sober living room with West Rug, black armchairs and standing lamp

A sober living room with a touch of warmth with the fabulous designed West Rug. The wood brown shades of this rug paired nicely with the mid-century armchair and modern standing lamp. It creates a cozy ambient to spend time reading a book.

Modern contemporary living room with Royalis designer rug, white sofa, round mirror and golden Koi center table

This is a lovely living room with a combination of shades of green and beige. These colors remind us of the forest’s sunshine and its shadows. This living room combines different styles and tones to create a stylish interior. The Royalis rug brings all the glamour of the royal style into the living room.

contemporary living room with prisma I rug and contemporary armchair and standing lamp

Geometric designer rugs bring personality to the living room with their creative patterns. Here, this mid-century rug fits perfectly in this contemporary living room, matching the armchair and standing lamp.

Modern living room with Ruin Rug in gray with two center tables and white cream sofa and stool.

The Ruin Rug is one of the most sophisticated designer rugs that exist. Its detailed pattern creates an irresistible and stylish ambient. The cream sofa fits nicely into this room. The center tables come to complete the look.

colorful living room in blue tones with antelope rug and armchair.

A bright living room with the Antelope Rug in tones of blue to transform your living room into a magnificent interior. This rug is customizable to fit any color you want so you have a stunning interior.


Covet House Boca do Lobo Brabbu Luxxu Essential Home Delightfull Caffe Latte Covet Lighting Rug Society Maison Valentina Circu Pullcast

Stunning Designer Rugs For The Living Room

Modern living room with gray sofa, area rug and golden chandelier

A classy living room with a large area rug in neutral tones to highlight the golden details of the bottom of the gray sofa and of the chandelier. This is a minimalistic interior yet so sophisticated.

Living room corner with essex armchair and area white rug

A lovely living room corner with a white area rug that highlights the Essex Armchair in beige. The Golden mirror matches with the center table and creates a dazzling ambient.

20 Exclusive Contemporary Designer Rugs For The Living Room

A cozy living room with a bold yellow-colored sofa and a nice black and white rug. This is a small living room interior yet with a great style.

20 Exclusive Contemporary Designer Rugs For The Living Room

A warm living room rug with a soft texture that will keep your feet warm from the cold floor. The center table has a beautiful design that highlights the elegance of the room.

20 Exclusive Contemporary Designer Rugs For The Living Room

A stunning design rug with a geometric pattern that enhances the beauty of this living room. Its gray and golden colors create a prestigious feeling and create a chic interior.

Modern contemporary living room with round rug, white sofa and golden side table

A lovely living room with a brown round rug paired with a white mid-century sofa. This interior is beautiful for its simplicity and neutral warm colors. The side table brings a touch of elegance.

Modern contemporary living room with area rug in gray tones with curved sofas and center tables.

A spacious living room with a huge area rug in gray and brown tones. Designer rugs like this are easy to pair with modern furnishing and round-shaped furniture. Overall this living room interior looks extremely comfy and relaxing.

cozy modern contemporary living room with area rug, comfy armcairs and brown sofa with wooden center table

A comfy living room corner with an area rug and comfortable armchair. The gray tones of the living room contrast with the warmer earthy colors of the center table and couch.

contemporary living room with black area rug, wooden center tables, blue sofa and white armchair

A mid-century living room with a dark area rug and round armchair and center tables. The blue three-seat couch brings a pop of color and turns this room more welcoming.

living room with white floor carpet with armchairs and side table.

A nice and relaxing living room with a white fluffy carpet that covers the whole floor. The round plump armchairs look extremely comfy and perfect to relax reading a book.



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living room with xisto rug
living room with kleopatra rug

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