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Rug Society Virtual Tour 2022

Colorful Rugs To Brighten Your Home Decor

Colorful rugs will brighten your home this summer! If you are remodeling or fully altering the layout of your house, here are a few suggestions. Rug’Society has the most shining and vibrant rugs that showcase stylish designs. This article is for those who wish to leave neutral colors behind and start a new journey in interior design with bold colors.

Colorful Rugs: 8 Spectacular Rug Ideas To Lighten Up an Interior

Trust us when we say that colorful rugs will emerge as the key components of a room if you play your cards well. Bold colors, contrasting geometric patterns, and floral prints are all examples of design that adhere to the motto “few rules but maximum effect.”

colorful rugs for the dining room with geometric rug in mid-century interior design.

The appropriate rug can lend richness to more conventional schemes and have a surprisingly long lifespan. The IVO RUG stands out from the crowd thanks to its striking blue and yellow colors. With an oval dining table and rounded dining chairs, this is the perfect mid-century dining room decor. Colorful rugs are a great way to liven up a space without any effort.

Rug'Society Catalogue 2022: colorful rugs


colorful rugs for contemporary hallway with round geometric rug under stairs

The LOLA RUG is definitely one of the most colorful rugs out of Rug’Society collection. It is also the ideal representation of what summer is all about. It has vivid hues that come together to form a geometric pattern that exudes joy. For the best effect, match it with a curving mid-century sofa in a striking shade.

Lola Rug - round rug with a geometric design and very colorful. colorful rugs


colorful rugs for this summer with green carpet for home office with a mid-century modern style

Green is a great color for a home office since it favors concentration and tranquility. The MÖOS RUG is a magnificent contemporary rug that serves as the centerpiece of this interior design. The rug has a biophilic design inspired by a mix of hues inspired by the moss, leaves, and grass that reminds us of the nature outside. The golden accents of the desk and mirror are the finishing touches to create a sophisticated and elegant ambiance.

colorful rugs for a mid-century dining room with an abstract rug design

Current trends demonstrate that there is a genuine change towards more colorful rugs with brighter and bolder hues in interior design. The LA LAND RUG features a vibrant abstract pattern that complements the dining chairs and wooden dining table nicely. This mid-century dining room has a gorgeous decor that is very cheerful and ideal for summer.

The Most Dashing Colorful Rugs of 2022

colorful rugs for bedroom interior design with geometric mid-century carpet in pastel tones

The ISAAC RUG has strong accents that are considered to boost optimism while also providing a comfortable atmosphere. This is a great item for a bedroom decor. It not only brings some personality to your personal space it also has lovely colorful hues that make this room more cheerful.

mid-century geometric rug with bold colors and a original design with different forms and shapes. colorful rugs


colorful rugs for living room with urban design and white curved sofa.

Colorful rug designs have made a significant resurgence in recent years, and we’re now seeing them evolve into these more unique motifs. Use rugs as art pieces to add beauty and individuality to your living room. With its unique design and vivid colors, the GRAFFITIFIED II RUG will undoubtedly grab your guest’s attention.

virtual showroom with the most magnificent contemproary rugs. Colorful Rugs To Brighten Your Home Decor
colorful rugs for contemproary hallway with blue and orange rug

Add a bit of drama to your lifeless hallway with a bit of color. Colorful rugs are perfect for that. This new version of the DÊCO RUG in blue and orange hues is absolutely stunning. The design has a lot of fluidity thanks to its circular shapes which grant a nice and inviting environment.

colorful rugs for living room design with orange, yellow and black rug.

With its bright orange tones, the GRAFFINESQUE RUG is a must-have for any current contemporary living space. Its urban art-inspired style exudes a rebellious aura that makes a statement. It’s difficult not to be lured to a rug like this one. The carpet’s pattern and color scheme offer a sense of brightness and enthusiasm to home designs.

modern urban rug with black and white and a touch of orange, inspired by street art the graffinesque is one-of-a-kind. colorful rugs



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