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Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview

Pepe Calderin was the last guest of Home’Society Design Talks and will be our topic today. Pepe Calderin Design is an interior design firm based in New York and Miami that specializes in high-end residential and commercial environments that are filled with vitality and warmth. With over 20 years of expertise, the business has received national and international design honors for a wide variety of locations, styles, and projects on four continents. The Design Talks is a Home’Society project that strives to highlight all elements of interior design, and this exclusive interview will offer you more insight into Pepe Calderin‘s path, passion, and aspirations.

Pepe Calderin: Home’Society Design Talks

Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview

With the guiding premise that “a space has no limitations and limitless possibilities,” Pepe Calderin‘s Design has received praise for its original, lively, and creative approach to modern design. The primary purpose of this program is to foster a warm, dynamic environment in which individuals can thrive and develop. By cultivating a close relationship with the customer, each project reflects its own personality, way of life, and spirit.

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Pepe Calderin Design

How it all started

Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview

Pepe Calderin started out as a young guy looking for work when he entered an architecture firm with about sixty people, and he learned techniques by simply observing architects’ work and design. At the time, Pepe had no idea he had a passion for design. He started helping them both, and as a result, he developed his design skills. And established Pepe Calderin Design a few years ago, in 2010, following his studies in commercial art. His business partner, with whom he had started businesses, had retired, so Pepe’s natural next step was to establish his own company and brand it with his name.

Antelope Rug - Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview


The Secret To a Successful Team

Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview

Having a fantastic team to work with, in Pepe’s opinion, is necessary to “take your interior design ideas to the next level.” He asserts that treating them like family and developing strong relationships with your clients are what enable you to grow and that learning from your mistakes is an essential part of that process.

“First and foremost, you have to have fun, you know, to work in this type of business, it’s good to have that kind of atmosphere where people are happy and have fun and you treat each other as if you were family, and that’s the way to really keep your office going and have people happy and together”.

The Source Of Inspiration

Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview

“My inspiration comes from my heart”. Pepe believes that inspiration is derived from within. You have no control over it. “I get inspired from within, you know, and sometimes your clients are your inspiration.”

Mira Rug - Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview


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Residential Or Commercial Projects?

Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview

Pepe believes that both kinds of undertakings are challenging; it just depends on the people you’re working with. The complexity of decision-making increases with the number of participants. Because there are more people involved, commercials are typically the more difficult tasks to produce, yet both include a lot of emotions. “On a residential, you sometimes have to be a referee, the husband and wife might not agree on things, and you have to be able to make things work,” The designer says.

Snake Rug - Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview


The Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse in Miami

Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview

Pepe Calderin created the ultimate fantasy home that personifies Miami in collaboration with Essential Home, DelightFULL, and Mid-Century Club. With excellent design, luxurious furniture, and a beautiful view of one of the city’s most lavish marinas, this magnificent luxury penthouse is a dream. This incredible modern penthouse design features 14 different experiences spread across two floors on top of one of Miami’s most luxurious skyscrapers, with a carefully selected collection of costume furniture, bespoke lighting, and one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview

“Design is endless, and will be there forever, as long as we have the mind to create, you know, and a heart, the design will be there. It’s fantastic that you’ve entered the market; you’re relatively new to it, which I think is fantastic because we were limited in what we had previously… You have created a new niche, of a new design level, with great quality; I think what you guys are doing is fantastic.”

Agatha Rug - Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview


What Does Design Mean To You?

Pepe used to remark that design had no limits and infinite possibilities, but after being interviewed by Love Happens Magazine and being asked “love happens?” he immediately thought “when you’re in love,” he decided that love happens when you love to design.

Pepe Calderin’s Favorite Product From Rug’Society

The Imperial Snake Rug:

The Imperial Snake Rug - Pepe Calderin Exclusive Design Talks Interview
“I love the Snake patterns, there’s not one that I don’t like”Pepe Calderin


Watch Full Interview

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