modern living room area with the black and white COLL RUG and Fitzroy sofa with the center table.

Minimalist Living Room With A Monochrome Rug

A Monochrome Rug For A Stylish Living Room

minimalist interior design. This living room with modern and curved details is the perfect choice for lovers of simple design that never gets boring. Coll rug completes the look with its basic and simple design.

A Monochrome Rug like the Coll Rug is the perfect addition to a minimalist interior design. This rug stands out for its simplicity and elegance. This rug combines the loop and hand-tufted techniques to become a great piece of craftsmanship to decorate the floors of your living room.

This rug is paired with the Latza Center Table which has a unique shape, its design was inspired by the Lake Baikal. This table is extremely sophisticated with its walnut root veneer and matte varnish. The golden details on the edges are made with brushed aged brass and create a luxurious aspect.

Finally, the Fitzroy Sofa completes the look with its curved shape and neutral color. This piece is fully upholstered with the best materials such as cotton velvet with a matte casted brass base. A sofa like this one paired with a monochrome rug is guaranteed to give a chic interior.