modern bathroom with elegant Blanc Ink Rug and Symphony freestanding paired with Diamond Bathtub

Luxurious Bathroom with Modern Rug

Modern Rug To Style Elegantly a Bathroom

Modern luxurious bathroom with stunning Blanc Ink Rug and with Diamond bathtub and Symphony freestanding

Blanc Ink Rug is an modern rug that reflects modernity and urban life. This rug was inspired by the creation of minimalistic and abstract designs. Its simple design and basic color match perfectly with the mood of this bathroom. If you wish to add a little bit of color, the Couple rug is also a great choice for this bathroom. It has a lovely design with golden details that match the freestanding and other elements of the furniture.

The Diamond bathtub is also a stunning piece of furniture with its wooden structure with a high gloss black lacquered finish for a black sleek aspect. This bathtub is unique for its incredible irregular shape inspired by the shape of diamonds. This tub is sure to provide the most comfortable baths while making you feel like royalty.

To finish we have the Symphony Freestanding with a cluster of polished brass tubes that envelopes an exotic wood structure. The inspiration behind this item is music, the golden tubes were inspired by church organ tubes and the curved shape was inspired by the curves of the violin. This is a dashing ambient with a modern rug decorating its floors.