modern contemporary living room with snake 8 rug

Elegant Carpet For The Living Room

Transform Your Home Interior With an Amazing Carpet For The Living Room

Modern contemporary living room with botanical snake 8 rug paired with the dukono armchair, dukono sofa and the sequoia big side table.

The Snake 8 rug is a wonderful carpet for the living room. This modern styled rug is meant to reflect the force, sensuality, and mystery that the symbol of the snake represents. Here this symbolism is amplified by the botanical elements that decorate this room. The large carpet for the living room paired with the walled garden is the perfect combination to create this dashing living room that will impress any visitor.

To decorate the rest of the living space there is the fabulous DUKONO 2 Seat Sofa and DUKONO ARMCHAIR. These were inspired by the Indonesian most active Volcano: Dukono. These items embody Dukono’s strength and durability. The sofa as well as the armchairs have a nailhead trim wrapped around the high-back of the lounge sofa, this makes it stand out against the synthetic leather upholstery.

To complete the look, we have the SEQUOIA Big Side Table, a beautiful piece meant to represent nature. The top is has a distinct walnut root veneer. The base of the table is in brass with aged patina which adds a refined touch to this piece. This wooden side table along with this carpet for the living room embrace nature and reflect the passage of time.