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Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

Dining room area rugs ideas are easy to find but choosing the right rug for the dining room is trickier than you think. The perfect rug will give a pop of color while also tying the space’s design together. Dining room rugs also need to be easy to clean, and aid in the creation of a cozy and tidy eating space. The size, shape, material, and pattern are all important factors to consider while choosing a dining room rug.


Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: Sensational Rugs To Style Your Interior Design Project

Dining room area rugs can be a beautiful focal point in the room, while also reducing noise and protecting the floors from dents and scratches caused by heavy tables and chairs being moved around. Take a look at our top recommendations when it comes to dining room area rugs ideas.

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Amazing Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas To Impress

modern contemproary dining room decor with area rug in black and white with a pop of color. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist


The first step in maintaining a low-maintenance dining room rug is to choose an easy-to-clean material. The COUPLE RUG is a long-lasting carpet with low-pile wool which is perfect for weekly vacuuming and is stain resistant. The rug’s pattern also adds a charming ambiance to this room with its elegant bird design and makes it easy to hide any spills or dirty spots within the rug’s pattern.

Couple Rug, a black and white rug with a touch of gold about 2 birds. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

minimalistic dining room with a white area rug to protect the floor. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

The size of the dining room, as well as the size of the dining table and chairs, are two key elements to consider when selecting a rug for the dining room. The WHITE GARDEN RUG is the perfect rug to use in this case. This rug stretches way beyond the dining chairs which leaves room for the guests to move them without getting it caught in the rug. The larger the rug the better!

Stylish dining room design with an area rug in nude colors with heron as a pattern. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

The HERON RUG is one of our favorite dining room area rugs ideas for its beautiful pattern of heron birds. The orange dining table paired with the golden dining chairs and suspension lights contrasts with the neutral hues of the rug and creates a lovely design. It is definitely a unique interior that is very eye-catching.

dining room area rugs ideas: mid-century dining room with colorful area rug and round dining chairs and wooden dining table

A lovely mid-century dining room with a colorful rug in pastel tones. One can’t deny how this is one of the most unique dining room area rugs ideas. The original shape of the dining chairs paired with a simple wooden table and the LA LAND RUG create a unique sight.

contemporary dining room with long gray rug to protect the floor from scratches. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist


If you rather have a minimalist approach to your design project, the RUIN RUG is perfect. Gray rugs are great since they can match with color and style. The RUIN RUG also has a low-pile height which makes it a very low-maintenance rug.

A Modern Contemporary Living Room Rug with Ruin Rug. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

botanical snake collection:

Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: Be Inspired By Our Selection

Stylish modern mid-century dining room with blue area rug and white dining chairs. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

When designing a dining room, It’s critical to pick a color and pattern that appeals to you and blends well with the rest of your dining room design. The AGATHA RUG has beautiful blue and gray-ish tones that pair smoothly with the dining chairs and black dining table. This is an elegant and sophisticated dining room design that will for sure amaze any visitor.

Contemporary dining room with long beige runner rug. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

Select a rug that complements the shape of the table, such as a rectangle rug for a rectangular table or a circular rug for a round table. Wool carpets are a timeless classic for a reason. They’re not only lovely to look at, but they’re also simple to clean and withstand the rigors of daily life.

Modern dining room with classic rug in neutral beige color and snake design. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist


The colors and patterns chosen for a dining room rug are determined by whether the rug will be used as an accent piece to soften a room or as a statement piece. The IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG does both simultaneously with its neutral colors toning down the rest of the room while its stunning snake design stands out and contrasts with those neutral hues, adding elegance to this dining room.

Imperial snake rug - NEUTRAL IMPERIAL SNAKE LIVING ROOM RUG. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

elegant small dining room with oval rug in  neutral tones with irregular shape. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

Look for a rug shape that has the most visual appeal in relation to the space when selecting a rug. The MERMAID RUG is an excellent example of that. Rugs can be so versatile that it’s always better to decorate them according to your own preferences, even if that means breaking a few regulations. Consider integrating irregular rug shapes to create a very distinctive aesthetic.

small dining room with round rug and white and gray dining chairs with round table. Dining Room Area Rugs Ideas: A Shortlist

A fashionable and functional dining rug provides comfort while anchoring the rest of the furniture to the room. The neutral tones and complementary hues of the METAMORPHOSIS RUG merge easily with the dining chairs and table creating a comfortable ambiance in this dining space.


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