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Dark Tones – Choose The Best Rug To Renovate Your Home

Dark tones can add intrigue, warmth, and comfort, in both straightforward and unexpected ways. When used in area rugs, it can bring elegance and sophistication to your home decor and make a big impression. Dark tones are also a great backdrop for furniture, whether neutral or bold in colour and design, they make rooms feel cosy and inviting – even in larger spaces.

Here are inspiring and unexpected ways to decorate your home with dark tones.


The snake symbolizes life force, rebirth, renewal, creation, life, sensuality, duality, light, darkness, mystery. The SNAKE 8 Rug is a representation of how dark tones can be explored on rugs, brining some uniqueness and being used as a form of decoration itself.

Dark Tones - Choose The Best Rug To Renovate Your Home

The DIAMOND Rug is inspired by one of the most loved and precious minerals known. This geometric design, along with the mix of dark tones of purple and greys can make it the perfect choice of modern rug to add to your living space.

Dark Tones - Choose The Best Rug To Renovate Your Home

The CELL Rug is available in many colors, and this dark shade of green also brings an earthier aesthetic into your home. Dark tones can help bring life to your pieces of furniture and you can play around with lighter shades of the same colour or a completely different colour to make it pop.

Dark Tones - Choose The Best Rug To Renovate Your Home

The dark tones trend brings dramatic elegance and personality to your interior decor. Dark colours can be great for tying together elements from different eras, making it great for those who are fans of eclectic decorating.

Dark Tones - Choose The Best Rug To Renovate Your Home

A delicate design can also be explored with dark tones, such as The INCEPTION Rug. And the small geometric details can make it a little less intimidating if it is your first time experimenting with dark tones.





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