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Interior Design Trends That We Saw At Salone Del Mobile

Interior design trends flourished this June with thousands of national and international architects, designers, manufacturers, artists, and artisans that came to Milan for its annual Design Week from June 7 to 12. This exhibition has a major impact on the architectural and design business. During this week, we investigated new design trends and exchanged ideas about interior design, furniture, and lighting with them.


Interior Design Trends From iSaloni

Interior Design Trends  with modern rugs in black and white with a pop of color
  • Refined Craftsmanship

Artisanal craftsmanship and traditional techniques were heavily explored at this year’s fair. The goal was to reject the notion of “machinery equipment” in favor of accentuating natural processes. Rug’Society is a brand that embodies those values and that favors handmade pieces created by the best Portuguese craftsmen. They also have a Design Service that creates unique and individual pieces where they fit the client’s wish and ideas, paying homage to classical traditions and reinforcing originality and authenticity. This is one of the first interior design trends that we loved seeing at iSaloni.

Interior Design Trends outdoor home decor
  • Outdoor furniture

Since the pandemic there has been a growth in the desire to redesign our gardens and turn them more stylish and elegant. Henceforth, outdoor furniture has become very popular this year at iSaloni. The Salone del Mobile has highlighted this trend of garden furniture that has been reimagined with new materials, fabrics, or elements that are always more modern.

Interior Design Trends for living room in earthy tones with area rug.
  • Earthy Colors

Earthy warm tones have taken their fair share of love at iSaloni. The use of rich, deep tones and earthy colors was one of the most noticeable trends during the Fair. A lot of stands had chosen brown and neutral colors as a big part of their color scheme for their product and stand design. Designers used color palettes that were both harmonious and diversified, taking colors from nature and experimenting with their spectrum. Black, white and gray were hues that were left behind this year to welcome dark brown, beige with a pinch of cream colors and terracotta hues.

Rug'Society virtual tour of iSaloni stand 2022. Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends with modern minimalist furniture
  • Minimalism

Minimalism was also one of those very popular interior design trends at Salone del Mobile. Furniture and rug designs had only the most essential characteristics to emphasize their functionality rather than their design. BRABBU has some of the most elegant yet minimalist products that impressed us this year at the fair.

Sustainability is kEy Interior Design Trends This Year

Interior Design Trends for dining room with blue area rug and suspension lights
  • biophilia design

Although the term “biophilia design” was established recently, it has expanded a lot in the last few years in the world of interior design. This is an interior design trends that focuses on displaying the beauty of the nature, with its vast array of shapes and colors. Botanical shapes and outlines were used to create furniture and accessories. Rather than the strict geometric forms that were prominent in the previous decade, most pieces adopted curving and organic designs, creating a sense of comfort, accessibility, and playfulness. These days people are more likely to choose a natural theme for their interior decor.

Interior Design Trends with sustainable materials
  • Sustainability – Design With Nature

As sustainability was one of the main topics of iSaloni 2022, products with plastic materials were mostly absent. This fair highlighted the importance of the environment and designers took great pleasure in taking into the challenge to create sustainable products that look elegant and stylish. Designers experimented with traditional materials with natural fibers such as bamboo and wool while also using brass, copper and other types of metallics to highlight a piece of furniture.


Interior Design Trends with curved sofa and soft materials
  • Curvy Designs

At Salone Del Mobile we saw a lot of stands with curvy furniture that radiates warmth and coziness. This type of curved design adds a softness to a room and provides a visually appealing and simple view. Its one of the best interior design trends for a living room interior.

Interior Design Trends  with wooden furniture and mid-century style
  • Wooden Furniture

Wood is the material that most people associate to longevity and durability. Using wood rather than plastic is a great way to reduce waste and promises a more sustainable interior decor. At the iSaloni Fair we saw several stands that brought together technology with heritage to create beautiful wooden products.


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