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Ideas For Living Room Furniture: 8 Exclusive Contemporary Rugs And Sofas

Ideas for living room furniture can be hard to find, but we got you! In this article you will find original furniture and rug designs that will be a great addition to your living room design. Going from mid-century, passing by modern to contemporary, we have a piece of everything to help you find the missing piece in your interior design project.

Ideas For Living Room Furniture: Stunning Contemporary Rugs & Sofas

Rug’Society has stunning contemporary rugs that can enhance the beauty of a living room. We have selected those that we think combine the best with the new sofas that have come out this year. Here are 8 ideas for living room furniture to create an astonishing decor.

ideas for living room furniture with white and golden area rug and green sofas for modern living room decor

A green sofa will for sure catch your attention. It would be one of the best ideas for living room furniture especially paired with a gorgeous rug like the CELL RUG. The Ancud Sofa is upholstered in a rich green velvet fabric and reminds us of nature. The golden details of the center table turn this decor into a luxurious one once paired with the rug.


rug society products in stock exclusive rugs ready to be shipped ideas for living room furniture
ideas for living room furniture with beige area rugs with modular sofa

The QUBE SOFA is one of those ideas for living room furniture that you would love. Inspired by the namesake discotheque in Rome, one of the “cathedrals” of Italian nightlife:, this sofa combines an industrial and minimalist style. The IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG brings an air of finesse to this modern decor. This living room gathers different styles that lay in harmony.

Imperial snake rug - NEUTRAL IMPERIAL SNAKE LIVING ROOM RUG. ideas for living room furniture


ideas for living room furniture with round white rug and white sofa for a contemporary decor

This living room decor is one-of-a-kind and has stunning items that are one of the best ideas for living room furniture. The OSLO RUG is a high pile wool rug that radiates warmth while the ODETTE SOFA has a unique shape that gives this room some personality. Its sweeping form is enhanced by a polished brass construction and an asymmetric back, resulting in a refined design with everlasting appeal.

ideas for living room furniture with a luxurious ambiance thanks to area rug with caligraphic design and golden modular sofa

The BLACK INK RUG and IMPERFECTIO MODULAR SOFA are glamorous items that together can create a beautiful and opulent living room décor. With their features, both pieces form an aesthetically pleasing setting. The rug’s calligraphy-inspired design, as well as the golden elements of the modular couch, add finesse to this space.

Rug'Society Catalogue 2022:

Ideas For Living Room Furniture

ideas for living room furniture with blue and gray abstract area rug with gray velvet sofa

A beautiful modern living room design including the amazing AGATHA RUG, has a pattern that resembles the jewel of the same name and makes this area feel for valuable. The Algerone Sofa has a nice modern design with clean lines made of velvet. A stunning decor for those who love a more modern style.

ideas for living room furniture with modern rug and low modular sofa

The FELINE RUG and Xenon Modular Sofa create a stunning modern living room. The Xenon low modular sofa is a game changer that provides unparalleled customizable comfort. With its clean lines while the modern rug brings a small touch of color. This room decor exudes elegance and finesse.

ideas for living room furniture with neutral hues with round rug inspired by nature and curved sofa in soft beige tones

An elegant living room decor with the METAMORPHOSIS, a gorgeous rug that shines for its simplicity. Only a few butterflies in a neutral background. The neutral tones of the rug complement the SENZU SOFA and wooden center table to create a cozy living space perfect for the fall season.

neutral round rug with butterflies as a design. ideas for living room furniture


ideas for living room furniture with neutral sofa and cell rug with white and golden details.


This amazing living room features beautiful items such as the CELL RUG inspired by the human cells and the BORNEO Sofa made of velvet is inspired by the island of the same name. The couch is wrapped in brown velvet and has Wengue Matte-colored pinewood legs that compliment the CELL RUG. The rug’s abstract design is totally gorgeous and very eye-catching. Doesn’t this decor have one of the best ideas for living room furniture?


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modern contemporary living room decor with an urban rug in black and white with a iconic design

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