Dining Room Rugs: 5 Inspirations for 2020 Dining Room Rugs: 5 Inspirations for 2020


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Dining Room Rugs: 5 Inspirations for 2020

Maison Valentina Silk Vessel Sink

For unforgettable moments of togetherness and celebration, Contemporary Rugs is proudly introducing you to some incredible dining room rugs ideas that will surely inspire you. From mid-century to contemporary, you can expect the foremost dining room atmospheres which bridge luxury design and craftsmanship. Hope you enjoy!

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Dining Room Rugs: 5 Inspirations for 2020
Dining Room Rugs

Cuzco, currently a city in Peru, was formerly the historic capital of the Inca Empire. CUZCO rectangular rug was inspired by the motifs used in the Inca textiles, known by the combination of different geometric patterns. CUZCO rug is made in hand-tufted dyed wool and depicts a simplification of these patterns into different stripes of geometric shapes and lines, resulting in a sober but rhythmic composition.

Dining Room Rugs: 5 Inspirations for 2020
Dining Room Rugs

Kaiwá is the language spoken by the Guarani-Kaiowás, an indigenous population of Brazil. They live in tropical rainforest areas and are one of the most resilient people in the world. BRABBU named a wool rug after their language as a tribute to their voice, that is concealed daily by the challenges they face. KAIWÁ wool rug stands for those that fight peacefully each day to keep their culture alive.

Dining Room Rugs: 5 Inspirations for 2020
Dining Room Rugs

Warao means “the boat people” and it’s the name of an indigenous people from northeastern Venezuela and western Guyana with a lifelong and intimate connection with water. This faithful relation to water is also brought to you with WARAO hand-tufted rug. Simple and peaceful, like the Warao people, this hand-tufted rug is the kind of rug that ties together all your dining room furniture.

Dining Room Rugs: 5 Inspirations for 2020
Dining Room Rugs

Gobi, is known for its hardest arid conditions and is the largest and driest desert on Asia, bounded by Mongolian and Chinese mountain to all sides. GOBI hand-tufted Tencel rug depicts the extreme and opposite conditions that occur in this desert through its dark grey and sandy tones, applied in irregular but incisive shapes. GOBI rug fits well in a sober but strong ambience of a living room or a dining room.

Dining Room Rugs: 5 Inspirations for 2020
Dining Room Rugs

The Macushi are a population living in the border of southern Guyana and northern Brazil. When married, the Macushi couple lives in the wife’s village and the father-in-law is of great importance in Macushi kinship. Their ancestral family bonds and religious beliefs are depicted by BRABBU’s MACUSHI wool rug, that with its delicate flower patterns and sand hues will be perfect to decorate any modern home decor.

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