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Rug Society Virtual Tour 2022

Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With Exclusive Rugs

This article on Boho style home decor inspiration highlights how easy it is to achieve a home décor with a ravishing Boho style. The bohemian style reunites objects that are dynamic, creative, and unique. Nowadays, “boho” is primarily used to describe goods that are distinctive and artistic. Unique contemporary carpets from Rug’Society are ideal examples to represent this style.

Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration

Create the most perfect Boho style home decor by fusing diverse cultures and artistic styles. Not everyone can pull off the flamboyant, colorful, and artistic Bohemian style, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Bohemian style is characterized by asymmetrical arrangements, bold colors and different pattern combinations, as well as unique furniture styles. Boho attire typically exhibits a relaxed approach to styling and is very easygoing and casual.

Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs with area rug for home office

The Boho style is nowadays used to describe early generations from the 50s up until the 70s and highlights an eclectic modern design. Golden tones are an excellent way to add a little sparkle to any interior decor, even a home office. The desk as well as the wooden center tables and armchairs go well with the CELL RUG‘s stunning abstract pattern and vibrant tones.



Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs with urban rug for dining room

With the INKAHOLIC RUG, your boho style home decor will have a distinctive look. An creative pattern that draws inspiration from tattoo art and uses its design to express emotions and life experiences. This rug had to be included in our list of the top dining room rug ideas because it is perfect for a modern dining room setting.

urban rug with black and orange colors. Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs


Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs with colorful area rug with street art design

The Bohemian style is a trend that usually uses vibrant, unique, and vivid color palettes. When compared to a white background, this creates a lot of contrast. The GRAFFITIFIED I RUG, with its brilliant colors and unique pattern embodies boho to perfection. A rug like this is intended to draw attention to itself and make a statement. It is the ideal rug for a boho style home decor.

Rug'Society virtual tour of iSaloni stand 2022. Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs

Unique Boho Style Home Decor With Incredible Contemporary Rugs

Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs. Blue area rug and blue armchair for living room


Although the eclectic and the boho style home decor share some similarities, they are not identical. An interior design is known as “boho” when using decorative materials with an artistic vision. Here, for instance, we have a superb single-tone boucle-upholstered armchair and the soft EYE RUG made of natural wool. The blue hues of this room reflect the fluidity and bring a refreshing aura to this living room.

Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs. bedroom decor with neutral beige rug and red walls.

This master bedroom decor appears simple at first sight but it has many different elements that belong to different styles and that somehow all come together in harmony to create this dashing room. The WHITE GARDEN RUG serves as a blank canvas to add the rest of the furniture and create a sort of boho interior design.

Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs. Gray runner rug for open space living room.

There are no strict guidelines, however bohemian interior design layouts typically tend to be more laid back. This enhances the more collected feature of this design aesthetic and gives a room a more relaxed atmosphere. The RUIN RUG could be a lovely addition to a bohemian living space.

Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs. Hallway decor with round white rug.


Contrary to popular belief, neutral colors are used in bohemian interior designs as well. The OSLO RUG is a stunning circular rug that gives a space a delicate and feminine feel. Its gentle, white cream hues make it a versatile rug, allowing it to go in with any boho style home decor.

white shaggy round rug with soft texture. Boho Style Home Decor Inspiration With  Exclusive Rugs


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