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12 Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Find the best rug ideas for small, large, modern, mid-century and contemporary interior designs. It might be tough to find the appropriate rug because there are so many different patterns, designs, colors, materials, and sizes to choose from. To help you relax, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide list to help you refurbish your home.


Rug'Society Catalogue 2022: 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

When looking for a new living room rug or for any other room for that matter, be sure it will suit your seating area by size and color. Modern rug designs are versatile which makes it quite easy to pair off with any type of interior decor style you like. Let’s get you started with the best and most gorgeous 12 rug ideas.

The Best Rug Ideas To Inspire You

modern classic living room with white area rug in beige tones with a simple design, the white garden rug is perfect for a minimalist interior design. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

This luxurious living room interior wouldn’t feel complete without the stunning WHITE GARDEN RUG, a rectangular cream rug that brings a cozy feeling to this room as it is paired with the velvet sofa as well as a luxurious vibe as the sophisticated chandelier shines upon it. This living room has an elegant furnishing that makes this already expensive room appear even more opulent.

modern contemporary living room reading corner with the brown version of the black ink rug, this area rug of brown color decorates the floor of this interior. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

One of our most loved rug ideas is paring soft earthy tones with a touch of gold to create a cozy yet luxurious interior design. This brown version of the BLACK INK RUG bring a soothing feeling to the room, create the perfect ambiance to relax in.

black and white rug in this livin groom reading corner with a mid-century armchair. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Monochrome color palettes in interior design can create a long list of interesting interior design possibilities. It not only create a timeless look that resists through time, but it can also help trick the eye in order to make a room look bigger, or smaller depending on what we are looking for. The COLL RUG is ideal for it.

12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home
Modern classic hallway with the COUPLE RUG. a black and white rug with a bird pattern. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Add some charm to your entryway with the lovely COUPLE RUG. This modern area rug in black and white has a stunning bird design that brings an elegant and sophisticated feeling to this interior.

modern mid-century living room reading corner with the gray area rug named AIR RUG with a geometric pattern and three dimensional design. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Gray is an excellent color in interior design, it is probably why it is so popular in the world of interior design. Gray area rugs such as the AIR RUG are ideal to fit in any type of interior design. Plus this color brings peace and tranquility which is great to enhance focus and cohesion in a room. You can’t go wrong with gray rug ideas.

Green area rug in a living room with a square ottoman and golden standing lamp. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Green is a one of the best rug ideas to decorate an interior. Don’t be afraid to use green in your interior refurbishing, it is a color that brings balance and harmony. Indeed, green has a relaxing impact and provides a sense of security, making it an excellent choice for interior design. The MÖOS RUG reflects nature, harmony, and safety.

12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Colorful round rug that bring some joy and cheerfulness to this hallway. the Lola rug is outstanding. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Mid-century interior designs are exceptional for their clean lines, curved shapes and bold colors. Area rugs are a great way to incorporate bright colors into most décor styles. The LOLA RUG is a one-of-a-kind rug that will for sure make your interior stand apart from any other.

Minimalist hallway decor with a rectangular rug and suspension lights. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Modern rugs with a geometric pattern have the ability to transform a interior. The FOIL RUG is one of the best rug ideas. It is a handcrafted rug with a geometric and distinctive design, ready to make a statement in interior design. It is inspired by the adaptability of a foil. A Botanical Silk rug that stands out by blending neutral tones in the most entertaining way possible

modern classic entryway with round beige rug and chandelier. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

The GOLDEN BUGS RUG is an exquisite botanical silk rug that was made to construct the perfect balance within your interior design, with a touch of mother earth. It was inspired by the relationship between bugs and spirituality. A personality-packed hand-tufted round rug ready to bring all of those natural mystical and magical vibes into your interior decor.

12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home
Modern hallway with earthy tones with light brown colors and touch of gold. the rectangular gold and white rug pairs nicely with the wooden console and gold mirrors. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

An elegant and luxurious hallway runner rug that matches the gold edges of the mirrors. This modern contemporary hallway stands out for its beauty as well as beautiful textures. The CELL RUG is a stunning piece to decorate you home interior.

Modern contemporary entryway entrance with a round blue rug with a round center table. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

Out of our list of rug ideas, this blue round rug has a stunning pattern that stands out against the golden legs of this small round table in this entryway. The gorgeous AGATHA RUG looks as fancy as it is cozy, perfect to change your entryway into an elegant ambient.

Modern hallway with umlaza rug, a beige hallway runner rug. 12 Living Room Rug Ideas To Refurbish Your Home

The reason why beige rugs are so often used in interior design is due to their ability to fit in almost every ambient. The color beige, as well as gray, is the most adaptable color in interior design. the peaceful neutral tone of the UMLAZA RUG would look great in both a living room or in a fashion store.


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