10 Little-Known Methods to Clean Your Shaggy Rugs 10 Little-Known Methods to Clean Your Shaggy Rugs


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10 Little-Known Methods to Clean Your Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are awesome in the wintertime, they are fluffy, keep our feet warm and add a sense of luxury to our home interior. However, they can sometimes become burdensome if one does not know how to take care of them properly. It can be time-consuming to clean shaggy rugs if you don´t know these little tricks. Check out our little list of 10 little-known methods to have a cleaned rug.


10 Little-Known Methods to Clean Your Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy Rugs: All You Need To Know About Them

Shaggy rugs are known to be high maintenance because of their high and uneven threads, their loops are usually long in order to create the amazing fluffy effect. Although they are extremely cozy thanks to these long threads of wool, it is also what makes it so hard to clean because the dirt and dust get trapped easily on those loops. So one of the first tricks to know is that these rugs need to be cleaned regularly.


Shaggy Rugs: The Best Way To Clean Them

Modern classic entryway with oslo rug and suspending lights

Although shaggy rugs are a great addition to any home, the more it has been around the more care it will need. This elegant entryway with the Oslo Rug brings comfort and style. This rug size is perfect for an easy weekly clean with a vacuum.

Modern classic entryway with Imperial snake rug

This is a luxury entryway with a mid-century touch and the classic Imperial Snake Rug. The hanging lights shine upon the details of this rug that has an exquisite snake pattern. This neutral rug with cream colors is made out of botanical silk framing an elaborate and trendy design. To clean this rug you can use a simple trick that is shaking and beating it to loosen up all the dust trapped.

modern entryway with cell rug and gold console and round mirror

The Cell Rug is a stunning piece that decorates the floors of this entryway beautifully. This is an elegant and chic design that will impress your guests as soon as they step through the door. Don’t let the fear of the maintenance of a rug put you off from this rug. You can simply hang it, beat it and shake it, then use a broom, mop or solid stick to get the dirt off. However, be careful to not late it sit too long under the sun or the color will fade.

Minimalist entryway with round metamorphosis rug

Small round shaggy rugs are easy to clean, vacuuming will get the dirt out and prevent dust from building up in the fibers of the rug while also bringing back the fluffy effect. So the Metamorphosis rug is a perfect choice for this winter since it is a rug that does not need a lot of maintenance.

Modern classic entryway hallway with green agatha rug

Hallways are often a place with high traffic that accumulate quickly a lot of dirt and dust than other areas. Wool rugs out of all the other types of shaggy rugs are the easiest to clean, so the Agatha Rug is a perfect choice for decor. Regular vacuuming along with occasional professional cleaning will increase the lifespan of the rug and give it vitality.

Tricks to Take Care Of Shaggy Rugs

modern contemporary living room corner aith koi side table and essex armchair

The Ted Rug is one of the shaggy rugs with the longest threads which creates the softest texture yet it can be hard to clean. An easy trick to clean a shaggy rug like this one is to gently brush the rug along the direction of the pile, this will remove the dirt from the bottom of the rug and make it easier to vacuum.

home office with Redleh rug and office chair with oak desk

The Redleh is a gorgeous rug with a stunning visual and detailed design. Its fibers create an amazing three-dimensional pattern yet it can be harder when it comes to cleaning it. One of the best options is to use a special carpet cleaning solution with detergent and no bleach in order to not destroy the colors of the rug and a soft brush. scrub gently the fibers from the bottom to the top.

Contemporary living room with Bahau Rug with red, yellow and blue colors and curved  sofa

Steam cleaning can also be a great solution to clean your rug. This is perfect to clean the Bauhau Rug with ease and it is a fast process. It removes not only dirt but also odor and kills possible allergens and bacteria. This method of cleaning will be refreshing and maintain your home clean and healthy.


Modern contemporary living room with Miró rug and white beige sofa and armchair

Dry shampooing your rug is also a great way to get rid of dirt. Cleanse the Mira rug with this easy-to-use method. You just need to spray the rug with the product and leave it sit for several minutes. Then vacuum the rug and if there is an excess of product brush it out gently.

Luxurious closet with Issac Rug with rectangular gold mirror and beige armchair

Finally, the ultimate method is hand washing the rug. It takes more effort and time but it will keep your rug clean and without damage. The Isaac rug is a stunning rug that needs care and attention. Yet if you choose to put it in the dressing room or bedroom it will get less dirty than if it was in the entryway so a regular vacuuming session might be sufficient.



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modern contemporary living room with snake 8 rug
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