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Trends Alert: The Powerfulness of Red Tones

As we saw before there’s a lot of trends for this new year and we are fascinated by every. single. one! Do you know that one of the big focus of 2019 is the Red Tones rooms? Yes, that’s true. It can be everywhere. Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices… You choose! You can use it in your furniture or decoration. You can create beautiful places with small red details or you can use a lot of it. It works both way! And once again: it’s your choice!

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Isn’t it amazing? Finally the warmth colors are back and Red Tones will add contrast to your house while making it more inviting. We believe that it’s one of the biggest trends of this year and it fits so well with every style. Imagine, you can use a red rug, or you can have a red sofa, or you can only paint your wall in red. You can create your own atmosphere, you can create your own style for your house. You can express yourself. And that’s the most important thing we can do in our house. BE HAPPY!

In this article we will find about Red Tones more. And how can we use it with rugs? Let’s see it!

Trends Alert: The Powerfulness of Red Tones

Red is one of the three primary colors and, as the title says, it’s the most powerful one. But it’s also romantic. We can all agree that when we remember of this color, we remember of passion. This color will make your room look lively without overwhelming it. It will be energizing, comforting and cozy.

Get inspired with this Red Tones warm and intense looks.

Trends Alert: The Powerfulness of Red Tones The Powerfulness of Red

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