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Rug Society Virtual Tour 2022

The Coolest Rugs For This Summer

Get ready to meet the coolest rugs for this summer! Creative and unique rug designs that will brighten and refresh your interior design. From blue hues to more warm colors, passing via mid-century and modern styles, you will find one that will meet your standards. Keep reading to discover them!


Coolest Rugs That Will Enhance Your Summer House

Rug’Society has the coolest rugs that will for sure amaze you. Bring a new life to your interior this summer with the most stylish contemporary rugs. We have carefully selected the rugs that we think are the most dashing to share them with you. Get to know them by scrolling down.

mid-century contemporary dining room with geometric area rug in tones of blue and gray and golden accessories. The coolest rugs for dining room

This modern mid-century dining room has a distinguished aura. Whether it is for its stunning geometric rug or for its golden accents, one can’t deny that this is a dazzling space to enjoy a meal. The PRISMA II Rug’s geometric forms harmonize wonderfully with one another, giving the dining room a contemporary look.

Mid-century dining room with warm and soft colors like orange and brown. The Area rug with a geometric pattern.

Warm colors are ideal for summer, they create a rich and cozy ambiance that makes you feel instantly welcomed but are also energetic and with lots of positivity. Bring a ray of sunshine inside your house with the SIMBA RUG. A gorgeous geometric rug that is very eye-catching.

The Coolest Rugs For This Summer with simba rug a geometric carpet with gray and orange hues


coolest rugs for dining room with green rug in different shades.

Cool tones are also ideal for a summer beach house. If you want to remodel while it’s still hot outside, take into account the following advice for introducing cool tones. The Cool hues of the ROYALIS RUG promote tranquility and peace with an uneven line pattern that reminds us of the greenery outside.

Check Out The Coolest Rugs For This Summer

mid-century reading corner with geomeric gray rug. coolest rugs

Gray and blue can make the coolest rugs, these tones often encourage a laid-back, open attitude, and can create cool summer vibes as long as you pair it with lighter tones. The gray JOH RUG paired with some golden accessories creates a refined interior that is cozy and cool.

mid-century gray geometric rug, coolest rugs


Elegant mid-century contemporary living room with geometric rug in black and white and pop of color. coolest rugs

Summer decors frequently feature stripes or geometric designs of some sort. Combine any of these prints with vibrant colors and you’re set. The PRISMA I Rug is a minimalist geometric rug that with its colorful hues brings joy and sunshine into a room. Feel free to explore and try different combinations too in other to achieve the perfect look with one of the coolest rugs!

Mid-century modern contemporary reading corner with cell rug, a neutral carpet with round mirror that has golden accents.

Yellow accents are a perfect match for summer designs as they remind one of a flower field that has been bathed in the sun. This reading corner displays a summer afternoon perfectly with its warm golden tones and the CELL RUG.

virtual showroom with the most magnificent contemproary rugs. coolest rugs
coolest rugs for hallway with a mid-century style, the geometric rug has tones of yellow and red.

The BAUHAU RUG is the peak summer decor with its yellow and red hues. A stunning hallway with an amazing rug. Take advantage of this rug themed to create the perfect holiday vibes. Home furnishings with summery textures give off an unmistakably upbeat and carefree vibe. Isn’t this one of the coolest rugs for this summer?

modern colorful geometric rug, coolest rugs



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