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Minimalist Rugs in Action – Less is More

As it seems Minimalism continue having is big journey as a trend in the interior design. This movement makes a call to the clean lines and creates a sense of candidness across the whole house. Minimalist Rugs aren’t the exception and, in this article, we will find out why the Less is More is still up nowadays. Take a look!

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This is a tendency that will stop your house from stressing you out. Yes, that’s true! Many researches prove that our home influence our mood in ways that can affect our own health. So, minimalism appeared. It has encouraged many people to live a more “mess free” life.

To enter in the minimalist design, you need to look around and ask yourself: What can be eliminated of the design? What is essential to my house? You need to create a priority and be consistent to this process. You can go back every time and make it simpler, whenever you need. It will make you happier. So, why shouldn’t we try?

Less is More – Minimalist Rugs in Action

Palette colors with shades such as creams, greys and whites, are incorporated in the houses nowadays. In minimalism movement the key is adding bolder and colorful details to the decoration – this is the way to manipulate the simplicity created with the whole design of the room. So that using different rugs or colorful elements will make the difference in your house.

Less is More – Minimalist Rugs in Action

The rugs used in minimalist style interiors are simple. They are made with materials that don’t let your house be cluttered. A real big point to this movement. Keep your house clean, in all the aspects, will help your stress decrease.

Less is More – Minimalist Rugs in Action

Texture. We need to fix this word if we are going to use the minimalist style. Sheepskin or knitted rugs are a must-have. Feel free to use the texture you want in your rugs, as long as you don’t forget the comfort of the room. That’s one of the big focus of this movement.

Less is More – Minimalist Rugs in Action

Get Inspired with this Minimalist Rugs looks:

Less is More – Minimalist Rugs in Action Less is More – Minimalist Rugs in Action Less is More – Minimalist Rugs in Action Less is More – Minimalist Rugs in Action

In the Less is More culture, you need to check out what is essential to have in your house and leave all the rest behind. It’s a way to live a peaceful life!



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