mid-century living room with geometric PRISMA 1 rug with purple colors with white and a armchair.

Mid-Century Rug To Decorate Your Living Room

Mid-Century Rug For a Stylish Living Room

mid-century living room with Prisma 1 rug and koi side table paired with velvet Malay armchair for a elegant interior

There is no Mid-century rug like the Prisma I Rug to decorate this living room corner. This living space is a dream for geometric patterns and colorful ambiances’ lovers. This rug creates a binary rhythm with its straight lines and circular forms. The Malay Armchair is a nice piece that pairs nicely with this rug.

The Koi Side Table adds an air of elegance and sophistication with its golden color made of aged brass. This table has a unique design inspired by the Koi Carp which is a recurring symbol in Japanese culture and which reflects mutation and the capacity to adapt. Hence this Table is fit to adapt to any style and interior design.

To finish this interior design decoration, we have the fantastic Scofield Floor Lamp: This mid-century lamp is made of white brass and has five chrome lights in aluminum, that can support different activities. This is the perfect interior design to reflect a modern flair with a touch of retro thanks to the mid-century rug.