iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready? iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready?



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iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready?

Milan Design Week, or has may be known by many iSaloni 2019, is almost there! The 58th Edition will happen from April 8th to April 14th and in there you can find everything you need to know. Let’s find out more!

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iSaloni 2019 is a popular and powerful event that happens in Milan, the capital of Italy. It’s not only a design show but it mixes business with culture. It brings together the history of design and furnishing yesterday, today and tomorrow. So it’s more than a show and it becomes a whole new experience!

Armani/Casa Rugs Collection is the rugs collection of Armani/Casa that bring together art and artisan craftsmanship with the vision of Armani. These rugs use a technique of hand-knotting with an amazing brightness of colour.

isaloni 2019 iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready? Armani Casa

BRABBU is a Portuguese design brand that shows the fierceness of nature. The quality and the comfort they give to the costumers is the key to their success. Every piece is handcrafted and so that it’s all different from one to another.

isaloni 2019 iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready? BRABBU

Carpet Maker Thailand CO. has gained reputation because it’s an high-end bespoke carpet manufacturer. Their quality is famous because of their craftsmanship.

isaloni 2019 iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready? Carpet Maker Thailand

Gianfranco Ferrè has developed a Collection of Rugs with an amazing work from Italian designers with great shapes and colors. The materials are hand-made which creates an exclusive way to the rugs.

isaloni 2019 iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready? Gianfranco Ferr

Platinum Custom Rugs is a finest materials rug manufacture firm with a quality team of young designers. They are inspired by the Italian artisan design and excellence which creates a mix of art and culture with unique products.

isaloni 2019 iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready? Platinum Custom Rugs

Rugiano is a brand that style is distinguished with the unique creations and timeless designs. The care for the details creates exquisite handcrafted pieces.

isaloni 2019 iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready? Rugiano

Rug’Society is a Portuguese brand that mainly creates pieces of art with their rugs. They give the customer eclectic style with bold and contemporary design. This transmits emotions and generates exclusivity to the customer.

isaloni 2019 iSaloni 2019 – Are You Ready? Rug   Society

BRABBU exhibition will be at Pavillion 3 | H32 – H34!

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