colorful modern mid-century area SIMBA RUG with orange and gray tones with sofa and center table.

Colorful Living Room Rug is a One-of-a-kind Creation

Living Room Rug With A Unique Design

Modern midcentury living room with warn colors and earthy tones with the simba rug decorating its floors, Zulu armchairs paired with Lallan center table.

The Simba Rug is a gorgeous living room rug with an original geometric design and warm colors that establish a one-of-a-kind rug design. This mixture of several patterns brings personality to the room, especially seen from the top. The orange tones of the rug match with the Zulu Armchairs. The fully Fully upholstered armchair is made of cotton velvet and has a button-tufted design that reflects a mid-century style.

Of course, a living room can’t be complete without a couch, the Wales II Sofa has a beautiful beige-creamed color that contrasts with the earthy tones of the rug and armchair. The light color of this couch makes it stand out and draw our attention away from the Simba Rug.

The Lallan Rectangular Center Table gathers a combination of different materials and finishes to create a stunning piece. This coffee table paired with the Zulu armchairs and living room rug creates a mid-century vibe and makes a statement in this home interior.