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Amy Lau: “Embracing Art and Design As One”

Amy Lau is a New York-based designer, who is regarded as one of the most prominent designers in the world, revealed exclusive insights about her professional experiences as an interior designer. Amy Lau is described as really energetic, creative, and honorable about the materials and pieces that she uses in her projects. Amy Lau’s artistic signature elicits delicacy and grace while also transmitting a mystical vibe in every home design she works on.

Amy’s portfolio of beautiful residential interiors comprises a diverse range of artistic and sophisticated homes from around the world, so there’s a lot to consider when it comes to deciding which one defined her professional path.

Amy Lau, A Passionate Woman For design, Art and Craftsmanship

Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"

Amy Lau tells us that her love of design, art, and craftsmanship has always been a part of her life, ever since she was a child. For many others, what is a lifelong search for a professional purpose and passion is a natural process for the designer. Amy Lau tells us that the secret to such an amazing piece of work is embracing art and design as one.

“I’ve always been fascinated by objects and pieces, fascinated by the stories they tell, the history, and the craftsmanship.”


isaloni banner 2022: Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"

Amy Lau Always Aims For Unique, Artistic Interior Designs

Amy Lau worked at a prestigious import-export business named “Antigua de Mexico” right after graduation, where she not only had the opportunity to engage with several master artisans in developing stunning pieces but also to build the interior design for a retail set to exhibit the products. It was a chapter that taught her a variety of talents, including not only artwork and craftsmanship but also interior design.

Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"

It was only while working as a gallery design director for Lynne Weinberg in 2001, when Amy Lau saw the opportunity to venture out on her own and start her own design practice. She had already completed several curatorial projects for various international shows at the time, and people began to seek her help after seeing her work.

I had so much inquiry about what I was working on, and people would ask me if I could do their places, so I decided to open it up in 2001

Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"

Amy Lau design studio has been known for crafting unique high-end interiors noted for their warmth, expressiveness, and excellent attention to detail since the beginning, a reputation that continues to this day.

Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"


Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"


Her high-end approach includes both art and design, with dynamic blends of vintage and contemporary works as well as site-specific projects enlivening each personalized environment. Any project can have a variety of influences, but it all starts the same way.

I start to build things up almost like a puzzle. So I have a little piece here and a little piece there, and as I get to know them more and more, I create this environment for them but on a high level.

Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"

The secret to developing a truly different and original design, according to the designer, is having a passionate customer who wants to make history and has a hidden passion for art. The relationship between the customer and the designer becomes so special that the project ends up channeling all of their likes and wants, but with a design that is a touch out of the ordinary. That is the real secret to an ultimate artful living experience.

They provide me with ideas, but I’m able to translate them into high-end interiors. [You also] ou want to challenge them, you want to encourage that to push the button a little bit further. Not too much, but just enough to see if they’ll take this kind of risk in creating this and certain pieces

Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"

There are a lot that in my mind that are memorable, but this is the first apartment that I’ve been able to design for myself, which it’s not done (laughs) and which every single piece was all torn apart.

Amy’s flat, which is located near the historic Carnegie Hall, is her most unique creation to date. Because the flat was created in 1908/ 1910, the New York-based designer looked for inspiration in several designs from throughout the world at the time, including the steel and secessionist styles. Everything was meticulously crafted till the last minute, from the Chevron flooring with walnut wood inlay to the lighting, which is derived from all of the separatist lightings with a lot of glass.

Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"

Amy Lau’s Firm has won several prestigious design awards such as House Beautiful Next-Wave Award, Architectural Digest/AD 100 Award, ELLE Decor A-List and the Luxe Interiors + Design Gold List and has been featured in several top design magazines, including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House Beautiful… But there was one exceptional event that stands out above the rest in Amy Lau’s mind.

What really marked my career was when I received my honorary doctorate from the New York School of Interior Design. I was really taken that educational institution recognized my work, and honored it, and I thought that was extremely special. So for me, that was one of the top highlights

Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"

But Amy Lau has other achievements up her sleeve. In 2011, she released a book called “Expressive Modern: The Interiors of Amy Lau” in 2011 in addition to her timeless interiors and bespoke product designs. In her book it is highlighted historical events that have influenced her work through statements from many artists and designers.

Amy Lau: "Embracing Art and Design As One"

Amy Lau is very determined to help aspiring designers to become the best of themselves and mentor them. Many young designers may wonder how they can build a studio as successful as Amy Lau Design.

Mentorship is everything. I’ve had one, two, three major mentors in my life that have helped me get to the place where I am now, and there’s nothing like it

Now that the apprentice has become the mentor, she has indicated that one of the most difficult issues she has had to deal with is the fact that young people no longer seek a lengthy learning process as they did in the past. Most young professionals now want to work somewhere for a year or a year and a half before moving on to another job to gain new experience, which makes the mentorship process a little more difficult.



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