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Wool Rugs: The Best Choice For Fall Season!

The Fall season is here! Nature is changing its colors in many different ways, giving us inspirations for home decor ideas! We are presenting you some wool rugs examples in contemporary interior designs for the fall trend. Who knows, maybe you will find something you like!

Wool Rugs: The Best Choice For Fall Season!

BALTIC rug really embodies the essence of the Baltic Sea, having a blue color gradient. This versatile mid century design rug full of attitude is made of hand-tufted 100% dyed wool that will really stand out in your home decor.

Wool Rugs: The Best Choice For Fall Season!

BEMBA is a hand-tufted wool rug, with grey and black colours, this soft rug has been carefully created to give a smooth and special touch to every space.

Trees have been venerated since immemorial times: they have their roots in the ground and their trunk and branches extended towards the sky. This concept is found in BYSCAINE wool rug which is made from hand-knotted natural wool.Wool Rugs: The Best Choice For Fall Season!

CUZCO rug is made in hand tufted dyed wool and depicts a simplification of these patterns into different stripes of geometric shapes and lines, resulting in a sober but rhythmic composition in sandy tones.

Wool Rugs: The Best Choice For Fall Season!

HIMBA: a strong, powerful, red coloured rug made from hand-knotted thin wool, taking to your home the warm sensations of Africa.

Wool Rugs: The Best Choice For Fall Season!

IGBO rug is made in hand-knotted dyed wool. This rug is the perfect accomplishment of a bequest of emotions, feelings, smells and memories for all contemporary homes.

KUBEO rug was inspired by the greatest natural areas of primitive life, settled for centuries and endure to preserve their roots, habits and heritage. This rectangular rug is made in hand-knotted super dyed wool and its pattern is a mix of tribal and savage shapes, that create and balanced mix of dark green tones, depicting the dense Amazon forest where only the natives can’t get lost. This ethnic rectangular rug fits well in an eclectic living room, bedroom or dining room.


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