Amazing living room set featuring PANTONE´s Colors selection!

Contemporary rugs would like to present you some amazing BRABBU´s Mood Boards that will take you on a trend colors journey! In this article, we show how to chose your living room set using Pantone´s color trends selection. Contemporary Rugs is always trying to give you the inside of the best interior […]

Be inspired by this 10 outdoor modern rugs!

As one of the essentials for home decors, modern rugs play a key role to bring luxurious feeling to your home. The right rug can complement any rooms, whichever room you put, it will make your room cozier and more stylish. Since we have entered into summer, why not make some […]

Be amazed by this top 10 design rugs

Beautiful ranges of modern rugs add a feeling of luxury to a room. Design Rugs in particular look ever so lavish. You should add a selection of fine features to the flooring in your home with Design Rugs that look dreamy and divine. And to help you, Contemporary Rugs has selected 10 […]

Design rug: a must-have living room essential!

Furniture helps to make your home feel lived in, welcoming and complete. And you design rug choice is just as important! When choosing furniture and the decoration for your contemporary living room, it is important to pick timeless, functional pieces that will fit the space you have available. Contemporary Rugs will present […]

How you should use white contemporary rugs

In any home decor, rugs can not only complete the bare floor, but also add brilliance to your glamorous home design style. Today, we select some white contemporary rugs for you. These beautiful modern rugs display special charms of neutral rugs and may inspire you on your next home decor project. There is a […]

8 Must-Have Neutral Modern Rugs For Your Living Room

As an essential place for social life, living rooms provide space for meeting with guests, enjoying a sweet time with family and also having a short break after work. Therefore, people spend much time and energy to select suitable interiors for their living room. Rugs are one of the eight essentials […]


The dining room seems to be where special moments happens. Whether it is in the family, holiday dinners or intimate dinners, the dining room is a special room. When you are thinking about decorating your dining room, the flooring and the area rug that goes under the table, is often forgoten. […]

Top 10 Contemporary Rugs - Part II

Our love for Interior Design makes us believe that rugs are essential in any room. And if you want to achieve the full style, for contemporary rooms, you need a contemporary rug. This is not surprising, considering the great variety of styles and designs they are available in and the […]


An exotic style lets you travel while staying at home. The flamboyant colours of India, fabrics with striped patterns and oriental rugs are combined to create an interior decorative scheme offering a welcome change of scenery. Let Contemporary Rugs take you on this colorful journey, and be ispired by our contemporary […]


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