Germans are known for its accuracy and appreciation of quality and these features are reflected in everything they do and create. Today we bring you some of the top german rug design creations. If you are passionate about mid-century modern rugs, you’re in the right place! Enjoy the german style […]

How To Pick The Right Pieces For Your Space

A modern home requires a contemporary decoration and design. You have to pay attention to every detail because one special element can make the difference. And the key element can and will be a rug! There is an infinite number and variety of tencel and wool pieces that will add personality and […]

BRABBU Releases Contemporary Rugs Ebook Full Of Impressive Pieces

BRABBU is a brand that designs and creates sophisticated and elegant furniture and they just released a new Ebook specially dedicated to contemporary rugs!  It is new and innovative and it truly shares our passion about rugs! From the handmade pieces to the materials, everything speaks excellence! Take a look […]

7 Beautiful Bedroom Rugs That Dreams Are Made Of

Today we write for the dreamers. For those who love interior design, who love to sleep, who love to dream and those who dream about interior design. Today, Contemporary Rugs brings you 7 beautiful bedroom rugs that dreams are made of! Como with us and enjoy the stunning and dreamy […]

7 Stunning Dining Room Rugs That Will Complete The Décor

A rug is always a great addition to any room – it completes the atmosphere and brings a unique comfort, which is impossible to obtain with any other decorative piece. In some cultures, rugs serve mostly decorative purposes, so they cover even interior walls and dining room rugs are seen […]