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Rug Society Virtual Tour 2022

6 Modern Rugs Trends you will see this Fall

Although it is still summer, we are already thinking about the next fall trends. This season is always a time for changes, to refresh and create a modern interior design. Contemporary Rugs would like to show the colors selected in New York and London Fashion week, featuring Brabbu´s exquisite pieces and modern rugs!

6 Modern Rugs Trends you will see this Fall6 Modern Rugs Trends you will see this FallAymara people are an indigenous nation that lives between the Andes and the Altiplano regions of South America. The stripes pattern in the traditional Aymara poncho is reflected in the new BRABBU’s wool rug, named after this strong population. AYMARA wool rug is the ideal rug for a fancy modern home decor where small details like a wool rug can bring the soberness that sometimes these ambiences require.

Modern Rugs Trends you will see this Fall

Modern Rugs Trends you will see this FallKaiwá is the language spoken by the Guarani-Kaiowás, an indigenous population of Brazil. They live in tropical rainforest areas and are one of the most resilient people in the world. BRABBU named a wool rug after their language as a tribute to their voice, that is concealed daily by the challenges they face. KAIWÁ wool rug stands for those that fight peacefully each day to keep their culture alive.

Modern Rugs Trends you will see this Fall

Modern Rugs Trends you will see this FallMasking is one of the key features of Igbo culture, among the diverse customs, practices and traditions of their people. Here lies the secret from IGBO rug: the dark patterns resemble the masks they use, mainly in social satires, religious rituals, and secret society initiations. Made in hand-knotted dyed wool, this rug is the perfect accomplishment for all contemporary homes in this fall.

Modern Rugs Trends you will see this FallModern Rugs Trends you will see this FallHimba is a southern Angola tribe, who lives in a land isolated by deserts and mountains and dresses in strictly traditional ways. Himba is famous for their beautiful women painted with ochre and long tresses wrapped in red clay. They have an extreme capacity to survive in hard conditions, a remarkable feature from where HIMBA is born: a strong, powerful, red coloured rug made from hand-knotted thin wool, taking to your home the warm sensations of Africa.

Modern Rugs Trends you will see this FallModern Rugs Trends you will see this FallThe Yupik are a group of indigenous people Alaska. Traditionally, the families spent spring and summer time at fishing camps, and then joined with others at village sites for the winter. The travel to search for food and the resistance to cold weather of this people are represented on the YUPIK hand-tufted dyed wool rug, like the routes that they have taken for all these years.

Modern Rugs Trends you will see this Fall Modern Rugs Trends you will see this Fall

Warao means “the boat people” and it’s the name of an indigenous people from northeastern Venezuela and western Guyana with a lifelong and intimate connection with water. This faithful relation to water is also brought to you with WARAO hand-tufted rug. Simple and peaceful, like the Warao people, this hand-tufted rug is the kind of rug that ties together all your living room furniture.

After reading this article, do you have any favorite design rug from our selection? Let us know, we are curious! For more designer rugs inspiration, don’t forget to follow our Pinterest account! 

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