How To Pick The Right Pieces For Your Space

A modern home requires a contemporary decoration and design. You have to pay attention to every detail because one special element can make the difference. And the key element can and will be a rug! There is an infinite number and variety of tencel and wool pieces that will add personality and […]

10 Impressive Patterned Rugs You Need In Your Home Decor

Rugs are key elements in a home decor project. Being aware of the room, if you make the right choice, your rug will have the most important role. It speaks through its size and texture, through its colour and design. It can enlarge your space or simply add that special touch […]

5 modern ideas

Spring is coming, which means that the season of brightness and softness is arriving! And this change must happen not only within you but also in your home décor. If you are looking for inspiration to welcome Spring at your home, here are 5 white contemporary rugs that will most […]

10 More Amazing Living Room Rugs In Architectural Digest

At Contemporary Rugs, we love finding well-designed living rooms with impressive rugs that totally make up the space. Architectural Digest is a great place for that. This top interior design magazine is a reference worldwide for whoever wants to be inspired with the most amazing homes and projects. After the […]

10 Smashing Living Room Rugs In Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is a top interior design magazine world wide, a reference for whoever wants to be inspired with the most amazing homes and projects. Take a look at these ten smashing living room rugs in Architectural Digest that you’ll certainly covet! From patterned pieces that will make a statement […]

10 Wonderful Bedroom Rugs To Help You Style A Dreamy Space

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Wake up in your bedroom and step a beautiful, stylish and fluffy rug. This is the perfect scenario. This, and having a beautiful bedroom decoration of course. If you have this two things, you definitely have a dreamy space. Here, you show you 10 sugestions of wonderful bedroom rugs to […]