Rugs are a very important piece of every decoration. Contemporary rug designers are working hard to create beautiful living room rugs, large rugs, and contemporary rugs. They also categorise them in sections like patterned rugs, which are important in a more neutral decoration, or large area rugs to bigger spaces. […]

BRABBU Releases Contemporary Rugs Ebook Full Of Impressive Pieces

BRABBU is a brand that designs and creates sophisticated and elegant furniture and they just released a new Ebook specially dedicated to contemporary rugs!  It is new and innovative and it truly shares our passion about rugs! From the handmade pieces to the materials, everything speaks excellence! Take a look […]

contemporary rugs by brabbu

One of the brands that are our favorite here on Contemporary rugs blog is Brabbu. We are here to show you a selection of their inspirations contemporary rugs by Brabbu. First of all, we let you with the brands description: BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of […]

Greg Natale rug collection 4

Greg Natale is one of Australia’s leading interior designers, heading up Greg Natale Interior Design. Greg has been pioneering the integration of design and decoration for over 10 years, focusing on residential, retail and commercial projects. Greg’s won numerous awards for his work also gaining many regular mentions in national […]

Handmade rugs are the best! - ABC carpet

Every living room needs a rug, and the best living rooms deserve something better: A beautiful vintage, handmade rug, one that brings not just texture and color but also a powerful sense of history. Great handmade rugs should be done slowly, each pattern most matters and must be designed with […]


Bathrooms are the most utilitarian of rooms inside your house, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uninviting. You can infuse some personality into your bathroom design by adding some bits that will lighten it up! The best way of doing it is by adding a Persian rug. This […]

Contemporary rugs by Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo has some great contemporary rugs let’s see how beautiful and sophisticated they are: POSEIDON RUG Poseidon, god of the seas, is also known in the Greek mythology for creating the first horse, Pegasus. In fact, the poetic imagination of the Greeks compared waves to horses, because of […]

How to introduce a patterned rug in a living space

Contemporary rugs can bring in sophistication to space, making it appear gorgeous and visually appealing. For example, getting a lovely rug for your living room is fantastic not only because it gives you a comfortable place to be with family, but also because it adds beauty to your interiors. That’s why finding awesome […]


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