10 eye-catching round rugs that make your home decor attractive

At Contemporary Rugs, we love and embrace all tendencies and the best inspirations. We truly believe a rug makes a tremendous difference in a home design and fortunately, there are an infinite number of possibilities. Today we bring you 10 eye-catching round rugs that make your home decor attractive. Join us […]

Modern Rugs Summer Trends with Pantone Colours Inspiration

Every year Pantone speaks and inspires everyone all over the world to create anything based on the colour trends. This year was no exception and Pantone spoke again! Greenery is the colour of the year and there are others that we’ll make your spring and summer season lighter and brighter! […]

How to introduce a patterned rug in a living space

The pattern of the rug is an important detail that puts together the ambiance. Using patterns with modern and contemporary design will definitly turn your living space into a trendy space. A patterned rug is perfect for welcoming Spring! Some decorators think of animal prints as neutrals, and they mix them with srtong colors and […]

How should the designer Rug of your dreams look?

Interior design lovers treasure every little detail because that is exactly what makes the difference! Whether it is an upholstered armchair or a rug, it requires a carefully thought choice made with love and respect! Some people opt for designer pieces because they embody these special features that will change […]


Rugs are a very important piece of every decoration. Contemporary rug designers are working hard to create beautiful living room rugs, large rugs, and contemporary rugs. They also categorise them in sections like patterned rugs, which are important in a more neutral decoration, or large area rugs to bigger spaces. […]